Audience: Teachers (all grades), Leaders, Coaches, Teaching-Support staff, School and District administrators

The Learning Pit Through Dialogue Workshop
Lisle, IL
(January 7, 2019)

Date(s): January 7, 2019
Location: Hyatt Regency Lisle, Illinois
Hyatt Regency Lisle Near Naperville
1400 Corporetum Dr Lisle, IL 60532
Please ask for FIRST Educational Resources Room Block ($89.00 per night)
Time: 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM
Cost: $200.00 per person (includes lunch and access to materials)


Dialogue is key to unlocking students learning potential, allowing them to express their thinking and understanding in increasingly more meaningful ways. Language is the foundation of learning but too often in classrooms, students do not get the opportunity to practice it because classroom talk is dominated by the teacher. At its best, high quality dialogue creates interaction and engagement with learning, providing opportunities for students to move from surface-level knowledge to deeper understanding. Hattie reported that effective dialogue can double the average rate of learning; as a pedagogical tool, exploratory talk is one of the most effective ways to create challenge, wonder, inquiry and critical thinking.

Challenging Learning USA’s workshop on The Learning Pit Through Dialogue combines the incredibly powerful heuristic of the Learning Pit with an exploration of dialogue tools that will help all educators understand how language and thinking are inseparably entwined and how it can help students learn to think and communicate with greater precision and clarity.

  • Redress the balance of talk in the classroom
  • Demonstrate how dialogue is at the heart of the most effective pedagogical practices
  • Provide a wide range of easy-to-use Learning Pit tools to assist teachers in developing classroom dialogue
  • Explain and demonstrate the central role of the teacher as a mediator of learning and provider of intellectual encouragement
  • Demonstrate how dialogue helps students generate ideas, create meaning and question assumptions
  • Show how dialogue engages learners and develops thinking skills
  • Establish the benefits of whole and small-group dialogue

Delegates will Receive:
A copy of ‘Challenging Learning Through Dialogue’ Lunch, and Refreshments Throughout the Day

Workshop Structure

Jill Nottingham and Martin Renton will provide an inspirational workshop that prepares you to use dialogue techniques to navigate the Learning Pit.Jill and Martin will show you why dialogue is at the heart of the most effective teaching and learning practice. The workshop will help you understand how effective dialogue can develop your students as reflective, critical thinkers, capable of ever more complex reasoning.
Linking dialogue techniques to the Learning Pit will show the power of dialogue to engage all students in reasoning and critical thinking.
At the end of the workshop delegates will be encouraged to try out various classroom tools and to engage in a period of action-learning as they dive deeper into the use of dialogue to enhance student learning.

  • Learn how to navigate the Learning Pit through the use of effective classroom dialogue practices, as introduced by the creators of The Learning Pit
  • Learn how to increase the quality and quantity of student talk in their classroom
  • Learn how dialogue engages and motivates students so that they understand key concepts more rigorously
  • Understand how to make lessons more active, meaningful, challenging and collaborative
  • Be introduced to lesson plans that purposefully navigate students through the Learning Pit
  • Be able to improve their students’ reasoning skills, so they can move from surface to deep learning
  • Be able to facilitate high quality dialogues that encourage students to take more ownership of their learning, share their thinking and form reasoned – and reasonable – opinions
  • Know how to create the right conditions for truly exploratory dialogue to flourish, encouraging learners to become more open, more collaborative and more reflective
  • Learn how to use dialogue to develop higher-order thinking skills, metacognition and the learning dispositions needed for collaboration and problem-solving
  • Develop dialogue strategies for their classroom that will develop students’ language of, and for, learning

If you have questions about this institute, please do not hesitate to contact us at (920) 479-6504 or email us at and we would be happy to assist!

Travel Information:
Nearest Airport: Chicago O’Hare International Airport
Distance from Hyatt Regency: 22 Miles
Alternative Airport: Chicago Midway Airport
Distance from Hyatt Regency: 28 Miles

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