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Entrenched beliefs are often a large barrier to implementation efforts in schools and school districts. One misguided belief, commonly held amongst educators, is that they lack the collective capability to impact the lives of their students over and above the influence of students’ homes and communities. At the Donohoo Center for Collective Efficacy, we help to dispel this myth by equipping teams to think differently about the impact they can have on student outcomes.
Since collective teacher efficacy topped John Hattie’s list of research identifying what matters most in raising student achievement, there have been many claims about what can be done to increase efficacy in schools. It seems that just about anything under the sun that helps to build trust and community and makes teachers feel good about themselves can be efficacy enhancing. However, it’s much more complicated than that! The programs at the Donohoo Center for Collective Efficacy are grounded in cognitive science and a deep understanding of the collective efficacy research. The Center was created to serve as a hub that offers materials, programs, and services focused on helping educators in not only understanding the research but also in finding ways to enact research-based efficacy enhancing practices into their everyday routines.


To increase collective efficacy in schools in order to realize improved outcomes for all students.


Shape mastery environments in which everyone in an educational setting shares the belief that individually and collectively they have the capability to impact positive change.

Professional Services Offered

Two Year Collective Efficacy Program

This program is designed to equip teams in making what’s ‘supposed’ to work in schools and classrooms actually work by harnessing the power of collective efficacy. Teams will engage in a process over the course of two years in which they identify adaptive challenges, jointly determine solutions, and monitor impact on collective teacher efficacy and student outcomes.

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Institutes and Webinars

We can partner with your organization in offering cost-affordable and customized 1-2 day institutes and/or webinars in which your professional learning communities (PLCs) can not only hear from the experts but more importantly, apply what they are learning to their own context. The content is designed to foster collective efficacy at all levels in your organization (e.g. system leaders, school leaders, and/or classroom educators).

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We have a number of keynotes designed to address different audiences (administrators, teachers, and/or support staff) and we can work with you to customize messages to suit your purpose and needs. Whether it’s a small gathering or a large conference you’re organizing, we can help by delivering key messages that will motivate the audience to take action and work better as a team in order to realize collective impact.

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On-Site Coaching

Our coaching program is designed to help guide teams through the change process. Coaches are experienced facilitators and have guided professional learning communities (PLCs) in schools for many years. One or more of our expert coaches will work side-by-side with your team and/or leaders to help ensure success.

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