We have a number of keynotes (see one example below) designed to address different audiences (administrators, teachers, and/or support staff) and we can work with you to customize messages to suit your purpose and needs. Whether it’s a small gathering or a large conference you’re organizing, we can help by delivering key messages that will motivate the audience to take action and work better as a team in order to realize collective impact. Feel free to select the keynote described below or contact us with any additional requests.

More Keynote Titles and Descriptions Coming Soon

Title: The Power of Teams in Schools
Description: Collective efficacy is about the overwhelming power that school teams have to impact change when they join together to solve problems. When educators share the belief that they can influence student achievement, regardless of some of the difficult circumstances faced in schools today, the results can be very powerful. In addition to knowing the consequences of collective efficacy, participants will understand how collective efficacy beliefs are formed. Most importantly, ideas for fostering efficacy amongst teams will be shared.

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Jenni’s expertise, coupled with her gifted storytelling, held over 400 of our educators in the palm of her hand. She brought us to a stronger understanding of collective teacher efficacy, that understanding took root and is part of our work today, all in the service of making richer, deeper, and more profound opportunities for kids.

Jeff Nelson

Executive Director Teaching-Learning-Innovation
Fife Public Schools
Tacoma, Washington

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