Michael McDowell
(Day 1)

Jenni Donohoo
(Day 2)

About Event

Date(s): September 25, 2018, September 26, 2018
Location:Kalahari Resorts & Conventions
Wisconsin Dells, WI
Time: 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM (both days)
Cost: $350.00 per person ($300.00 for PLAC members)
*includes continental breakfast and access to all materials online*

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Day One of the Institute: The Lead Learner

Facilitator: Michael McDowell, Ed.D

Morning Session
The Lead Learner: Developing Systems for Learning through Clarity, Coherence, and Capacity
Time (approximate): 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM

This session focuses on developing educational systems that ensure more than one year’s growth in one year’s time for all learners in academic content and 21st Century skills. Anchored in the latest research related to learning, leadership, and systems, the session provides practical guidance for leaders to ensure clarity of message in their work, coherence of systems, and enhancing capacity development of staff.

Leaders will be able to:

  • design a strategic approach to decision making and messaging that intentional focuses on substantial progress of Learning core content and 21st Century skills.
  • develop coherence in curriculum design, instruction, and assessment systems across an educational organization.
  • develop continuous professional learning processes that ensure every staff member is moving forward in their own learning.

Afternoon Session
The Lead Learner: Crafting Personal Leadership Skills for Impact
Time (Approximate): 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM

This session focuses on key actions educational leaders use to create the right message, establish systems, and mobilize people to ensure students gain more than one year’s growth in one year’s time in core content and skills. Focusing on personal leadership skills, the session gets to the heart of the Lead Learner and how such a leader is critical for today’s students, staff, and stakeholders.

Leaders will be able to:

  • explore strategies that redefine strategic planning, governance, meeting structures, personnel, and professional learning
  • apply the Lead Learner approach to typical challenges site and district leaders face when moving student and staff learning forward.
  • generate strategies for handling the key equity, innovation, and learning tensions that education leaders face today.

Day Two of the Institute: Collective Efficacy

Facilitator: Jenni Donohoo

Part 1: Collective Efficacy and the Effect Size Research
Guiding Questions:
What is collective efficacy and why is it important?
What productive behaviors result from a staff’s shared sense of collective efficacy?
What other benefits do educators and students experience because of a shared sense collective efficacy

Leaders will be able to:

  • explain the effect size research and identify where different influences rank in relation to collective teacher efficacy;
  • name and describe productive patterns of behavior and other positive consequences that result from a shared sense of efficacy;
  • name and describe the negative consequences that are associated with a lack of efficacy;
  • describe how efficacy beliefs come to fruition in practice.

Part 2: Sources of Collective Efficacy
Guiding Questions:
What influences a team’s interpretation of their effectiveness?
How are efficacy beliefs formed?

Leaders will be able to:

  • define and provide examples of the four sources that shape collective efficacy beliefs;
  • describe contextual factors that influence the formation of efficacy beliefs;

Part 3: Fostering Collective Efficacy
Guiding Questions:
How can we foster a sense of collective efficacy?
How can we utilize what we know about the four sources of efficacy in order to enhance efficacy beliefs?
What does the research say about effective leadership practices?

Leaders will be able to:

  • identify research-based, efficacy enhancing leadership practices;
  • use a taxonomy to examine teacher collaboration;
  • propose ways to meaningfully involve teachers in school improvement;
  • determine a structure for helping teams interpret results.

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Kalahari Resorts & Conventions, Wisconsin Dells, WI

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