PLC 2.0: Collaborating for Observable Impact in Today's Schools

What is the OBSERVABLE IMPACT of your collaborative time?

Join us this summer at a FIRST PLC 2.0 Institute near you to learn more about using the PLC 2.0 to  moving your collaborative work not just from research to practice, but from research to practice to IMPACT that is observable, understandable, scalable and DO-able for today’s learner and today’s educator. In the PLC 2.0 Model for Observable Impact, we define observable impact as “positive changes to teacher practice and student learning that are observable in the classroom.”

The PLC 2.0 Observable Impact Model helps districts, schools and collaborative teams in:

  • Developing a Co-Created Vision of a Learner
  • Investigation of our Evidence-Based Reality
  • Exploration of Engaging Tasks and Assessments
  • Determination of Our Adult Learning
  • Experimentation and Observation within Our Classrooms
  • Reflection on Failures and Successes
  • Identification of customized support for ALL Learners

Price: $35.00

Using dozens of teacher-tested tools and easy-to-follow collaborative meeting protocols and lesson plans

to empower collaborative leaders and teams, the PLC 2.0 model is designed to meet schools where they are at–and take them deeper!

  • If you have a vision of a learner… GREAT! How can we make that vision so crystallized that everyone in your building not only knows what it means, but what it looks like when they see it. And if you have a school-wide vision, how can you create a model that allows you to get granular on what that vision looks like in specific disciplines so everyone in your school community can own it.
  • If you have already looked at the reality of your school… TERRIFIC! What other evidence can we begin to collect so that we are painting a picture that points us in the direction that we need to go–even to those who might be most reluctant to get started on the improvement journey.
  • If you have already mapped out a learning plan… FANTASTIC! How can we create the immersive learning experiences for our educators that model the types of learning and assessments that we want in each of our classes?
  • If you have already tried new and exciting practices in your classrooms… AWESOME! How can we observe some of those promising practices in such a way that we can determine the markers of success in student achievement data and teacher practice that allows us to determine whether the professional learning that we do is actually having an IMPACT.
  • If you already spend time reflecting on results… AMAZING! How can we reflect on the results of student learning AND on teacher learning so that we can begin the process of changing practice in the classroom and improving student achievement at scale not in one classroom, but in ALL classrooms.
  • If you already have a support mechanism for students… WE ARE SO GLAD. Students will always learn in different ways and at different rates. And so will our educators and leaders in our schools. So how do we support all of the learners in PLC 2.0 in a way that ensures that we are getting better at what has an impact, so we aren’t spending time on things that don’t.

September 5, 2019

What is the OBSERVABLE impact of your collaborative time?

Ask yourself this question–as a school leader, as a teacher. In fact, ask your students this question! If you are like one of the thousands of schools across North America and around the world who has

Join us this summer to learn how you can transform the work of your teacher teams into collaborative time for OBSERVABLE IMPACT!

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