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Ensuring the successful administration of each assessment within the Wisconsin Assessment System is the goal of every DAC, but with so many different areas to consider and resources to share, it can be difficult to support the staff tasked with delivering the assessment in the best way possible. This site will serve as a one-stop shop for the training and resource needs of you and your staff! Principals and teachers will be guided through a series of web trainings and document resources to prepare for the exams and to deliver and manage the assessment. Test proctors will be able to easily access a “proctor packet” which will contain everything they need for testing day. Designed by fellow DACs, this site takes a practical approach to state assessment preparation.

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Full Access to Resources for All Assessments

Number of Schools Pricing
3 or fewer $750
4 – 7 $1,000
8 or more $1,250

Access to Resources for Forward Exam Only

Number of Elementary/
Middle Schools
3 or fewer $500
4 – 7 $750
8 or more $1,000

Access to Resources for ACT and Aspire Only

Number High Schools Pricing
1 or more $250

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