What are Previous FIRST Attendees Saying About their Experience?

This was honestly the best conference that I have attended over the past 15 years. Incredible speakers, inspiring ideas, perfect format, well-planned and smooth operating.

After attending First 2017 not only did I leave with content that I can transfer to my classroom, but I left feeling enlightened and ready to start the school year.

I have been to many conferences throughout my 28 years in education. This was the most well-organized I have been to.

The entire conference was awesome. Thought provoking, invigorating sessions and discussions, as well as entertaining. Just what is needed in August to fire up for a new school year.
I truly hope that you are coming back next year. We will bring more staff!

The keynotes were amazing! This conference is invaluable and super timely-a fantastic way to get energized for another school year. Thank you!

In my opinion, FIRST 2017 was the most relevant, and current conference I have ever attended in my 16 year career as an educator. It was helpful to know that the methods of which the presenters were speaking were actually being practiced by their own districts. I know I heard some things that will forever change the way I approach not only the first day of school, but I how I approach the middle, and the end.

Invigorating!  I loved it! I can’t wait to return next year!

Absolutely fantastic event! So many great speakers and wonderful ideas. It really made love my profession again-and I’ve been questioning it. THANK YOU!

Best two days of PD I’ve ever been a part of.