Wisconsin Professional Learning & Assessment Consortium

(A partnership between FIRST Educational Resources and CESA 6)

The Wisconsin Professional Learning and Assessment Consortium is a consortium of school districts that work directly with FIRST Educational Resources, LLC and CESA 6 (Oshkosh) to identify their learning needs through continued collaboration and discussion, and then are given access to the necessary time and support to meet their learning needs with other districts across the state of Wisconsin.

Many school districts throughout the state of Wisconsin are working on the same initiatives and have the same professional learning needs. 

By collectively working with FIRST Educational Resources and CESA 6, these districts are now afforded the opportunity to learn from each other through monthly networking opportunities, identify collective needs, and determine ways to save money for each district.

It’s time we start bringing districts together to work through their professional learning needs and the Wisconsin Professional Learning & Assessment Consortium provides this opportunity in a cost effective and powerful way.

How does the Wisconsin Professional Learning Consortium Work?

Once a district decides to be a part of the Wisconsin Professional Learning & Assessment Consortium, they will be contacted by Garth Larson, President of FIRST Educational Resources, LLC to begin strategically planning for the 2017-18 school year.

Once this strategic conversation takes place, the district will be provided with multiple updates/opportunities to engage in professional learning specifically designed to meet that district’s professional needs through monthly meetings of the PLAC and ongoing professional learning opportunities provided by FIRST Educational Resources.

What are the Benefits for a District that is a member of the Wisconsin Professional Learning Consortium?

This is the first time in the state of Wisconsin that all districts have access to a network of professional learning designed to meet their needs. Wisconsin has a lot of great support available through several different organizations, but the Wisconsin Professional Learning & Assessment Consortium is designed specifically to create opportunities for multiple districts with the same professional learning needs to be able to accomplish their professional learning needs together.

The Wisconsin PLAC is made up of school districts throughout the state of Wisconsin that all have a focus on creating better learning opportunities for the students and staff they serve. Below are just a couple of the benefits this consortium has to offer:


  • Meetings occur monthly and are organized and facilitated by FIRST Educational Resources and CESA 6 in Oshkosh.

  • Lunch is provided by FIRST Educational Resources and CESA 6 at all meetings.

  • One representative from each district is allowed at each PLAC meeting (small charge for districts that want to bring a second representative based on that month’s agenda).

  • Each PLAC in 2017-18 will be capped at 25 districts to allow for in-depth discussions to occur at all meetings.

  • A specific PLAC folder will be created in Google Docs for districts to share their ideas. Meeting notes are also stored within this folder from all previous meetings to allow members to review what was discussed in past meetings.

  • A minimum of monthly check-ins from FIRST Educational Resources to ensure the PLAC is meeting each district’s professional learning needs.

  • The PLAC guides the professional learning that takes place, the topics of discussion for each meeting and how networking occurs between districts.

  • Districts in the PLC receive a $50 discount on ALL registrations for ALL FIRST Events in the 2017-18 school year (this includes FIRST 2018 coming to multiple locations).

  • FIRST Educational Resources will help coordinate multi-district professional learning events to help districts save money in meeting their own professional learning needs.

Testimonials from School Districts in the Wisconsin PLAC:

“The Wisconsin PLC is a wonderful opportunity to network with other educational leaders. You always have input in developing the agenda so the discussions are relevant and current to your district’s needs. The members themselves have a wealth of knowledge and experience which allows members to have deep discussions and push each other’s thinking in order to make real instructional change in our own districts. You can always count on Garth and the other members whenever you are stuck or have a question to provide their insight into the situation.”

Kurt Krizan

C& I Director in the Little Chute Area School District

“FIRST Educational Resources has created a Professional Learning Consortium that is custom tailored to the needs of the group. The topics discussed at each network session are relevant to the issues facing district leaders now because they are generated by the group. The support, guidance, and direction that I have received through the discussion with other professionals far surpasses any other network I have been involved in.”

Shelly Muza

C & I Director in the Menasha Joint School District

“FIRST Educational Resources plans and coordinates professional development events of the highest caliber. The presenters represent the top names in education and are brought to the area by FIRST Educational Resources because of their relevance to the work being done locally. Our membership in the Wisconsin PLC has made these already reasonably priced events even more affordable for large teams to attend and has helped created sustainable learning within our district.”

Danica Lewis

Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Pupil Services for the Fond du Lac School District

Topics collectively covered within the Wisconsin PLC include:

  • Data Coaching and Support
  • Assessment ​(state and local)
  • Grading and Reporting
  • Cultivating School Culture
  • Leadership Practices
  • Response to Intervention/MTSS
  • Professional Learning Communities
  • Co-Teaching
  • Teaching with Poverty in Mind
  • Educator Effectiveness
  • Instructional Coaching
  • Inclusion
  • Instructional Practices
  • Differentiation
  • Classroom Management
  • Student Engagement
  • Fostering Relationships
  • Social/Emotional Health Support
  • Lesson Planning

Membership Fees

What is the cost to be a district member of the Wisconsin Professional Learning & Assessment Consortium?

The Wisconsin Professional Learning & Assessment Consortium consists of a one-time yearly fee for the entire district. This is based on the size of the school district.

1 to 500 students: $2700/year
501 to 1000 students: $3200/year
1001 to 2500 students: $3700/year
2501 to 5000 students: $4200/year
5001 or more students: $4700/year

Once a school district signs up to be a part of this consortium, they will receive a reduced rate for all employees that participate in professional learning being offered by FIRST Educational Resources in Wisconsin and throughout the United States. This reduced rate is $50 off per person for every registration. This includes the FIRST 2018: The Institute for Better Learning. Even if your district qualifies for a team discount, you would still get the reduced rate for their registrations.

Example: FIRST Educational Resources is hosting a one day workshop on Implementing Effective Grading and Reporting Practices in Oshkosh. This workshop was determined based on many districts in the consortium needing professional learning and support pertaining to this topic. If the registration fee is $175.00 per person, anyone from consortium districts can attend for $125.00 per person.

Wisconsin Professional Learning & Assessment Consortium

(A partnership between FIRST Educational Resources and CESA 6)

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