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About the Course

Are you teaching remote, hybrid, or in-person and wondering how to best maintain an interactive learning environment? No matter which model you find yourself working in, you can create conditions for high-quality student engagement. Learn pathways to empower your students as they build relationships, learn in collaborative teams, foster interdependence, and develop social skills while interacting with others in digital mediums. Experience what it’s like to purposefully plan for collaboration, intentionally incorporate digital tools to fuse learning and teamwork together, and cultivate an understanding of the unique needs of learners today.

You will gain strategies to use right away in the following areas of study:

  • Build relationships in synchronous and asynchronous settings
  • Strategically utilize collaborative teams in the classroom
  • Establish routines for practices, habits, and rituals in a digital environment
  • Develop accountable talk moves during dialogue
  • Apply active listening and digital etiquette techniques
  • Foster psychological safety within teams

Structure of Course:

  • Wednesday nights for 6 weeks starting January 13, 2021.
  • 90-minute weekly session alternating asynchronous (on demand video recordings to watch) & synchronous (live via Zoom or Google Meets from 7:00-8:30 PM CST)
  • Weekly learning kit to introduce module concepts, original content, and how-to guides
  • During session collaborative peer and independent learning
  • Weekly homework and reflections
  • 32 hours of work

You will leave with:

  • Digital notebook of ideas, artifacts, reflections, and list of strategies/resources
  • Six pieces of field work of transferable ideas to put into practice
  • Professional learning network of peers
  • Certificate of completion


  • Participants must have a Google/GSuite account to use for this course (personal or work-related).

Alisa Zawodny

Alisa Zawodny is an elementary school Instructional Coach and former 4th grade teacher in the Chicago area. She has experience in school leadership and instructional design with focus on collaborative teams.

Tarah Tesmer

Tarah Tesmer is a district-level Instructional Technology Coach and former 8th grade language arts teacher in the Chicago area. She is a Google Certified Educator as well as a Google Certified Trainer.

Cost: $350 per person or $325 per person for schools registering teams of 3 or more

Individual Registration:

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Team Registration:

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