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What is the Learner FIRST Center For Publishing & Curriculum?


The Learner FIRST Publishing Center creates educational books and resources that are practical, engaging, and insightful.


The Learner FIRST Publishing Center equips educational leaders and teachers with the knowledge, resources, and skills to radically improve student learning.

Our Story

The Learner FIRST Publishing and Curriculum Center was developed to help better support educators with written resources that are succinct and specifically designed with the current needs in education.

We have listened to the unique needs of schools, leaders, students, parents, teachers and other educators and identified what’s needed to support education right now is a practical and doable manner. All of our publications range between 100 and 150 pages to ensure the information provided can be accomplished within today’s schools.

For more information on becoming an author with the Learner FIRST Publishing and Curriculum Center, please contact Dr. Mark Bazata (Mark@firsteducation-us.com)


Services Available



Book publishing can be a daunting task, but at FIRST Publishing Center, we take a personal, hands-on approach to every book we publish, and our staff has decades of classroom and educational leadership experience to give you the feedback and support you need to bring your book to life.



We will partner with you to make your book available to increase your exposure while maximizing your profits. With a network of over 100,000 educators, we will make sure that your book will stand out in the crowded educational market.


Curriculum Writing

Creating an engaging and easy-to-us set of lesson plans is the best way to market a product to the educational market. We can work with manufacturers and distributors on how to best design a curriculum booklet that will sell your product to districts and schools around the world.


Online Content

We can collaborate with web designers and developers to bring you cutting edge educational content from some of the biggest and upcoming authors in the world. We will customize articles based on your needs and audience.


Books Published with FIRST Educational Resources


Team Members

Mark Bazata


The Learner FIRST Center For Publishing & Curriculum

If you are looking to have a book published with the Learner FIRST Publishing Center, please do not hesitate to reach out. We have a process to help any and all educators explore their dreams of having something published. We are here to help, please contact us today!

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FIRST Educational Resources, LLC is committed to providing current and future educators throughout the United States with the most comprehensive and affordable support available to help improve the overall educational process of Teaching, Learning, and Leading.

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