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Our Mission

The Learner FIRST Center for Assessment and Grading provides equitable training, resources and support to school districts, leaders and teachers to improve student learning through effective and authentic assessment and grading practices.

Our Vision

The Learner FIRST Center for Assessment and Grading will develop teachers and leaders who have confidence in their assessment skills and knowledge, and who implement best assessment practices, allowing ALL students to experience high levels of equitable learning.

Our Story

Schools across the country have spent significant amounts of time, energy and resources on reviewing standards and trying to figure out what they want kids to learn. And for the most part, they have done a nice job of this. Yet, many schools still struggle to figure out the best ways to assess if kids are actually learning and have kept very traditional and inaccurate ways of communicating student achievement to students and families. The Center for Assessment and Grading was created to help schools through this challenge. Based on a practical and proven process, the Learner FIRST Assessment Center can help schools increase student achievement, reliability in assessment and accuracy in communication. Contact us today to learn how we can support your school or district on all things pertaining to assessment and grading.

Our Services

All of our consultants at the Learner FIRST Center for Assessment and Grading are closely connected to the work happening in schools right now. We listen to the unique needs of each school or district and then create customized plans of support for any of the focal points listed below.

  • Standards Alignment and Review
  • Target Based Grading Implementation and Rollout
  • Formative Assessment Practices
  • Effective Feedback Strategies
  • Assessment Alignment & Redesign
  • Grading and Reporting Practices and Changes
  • Assessment Based Book Studies
  • Student Self-Reflection and Self-Assessment
  • Effective Reassessment Practices
  • Offering Students Assessment Choice
  • Assessment in an Online Environment
  • iReady Coaching

Our Team

Becky Peppler

Director of Learner FIRST Center for Assessment and Grading

Garth Larson


Danica Lewis


Don Smith


Help All Students Achieve High Levels Of Learning!

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