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Our Mission

The Learner FIRST Center for Science & Agriculture provides training, coaching, resources and support to leaders and teachers so that science & agriculture instruction is systemically aligned and intentionally designed in order to improve student learning for ALL students.

Our Vision

The Learner FIRST Center for Science & Agriculture will develop teachers and leaders to have confidence in teaching science and agriculture in ways that bring science back to being an essential content area in each and every school.

Our Story

The Learner FIRST Center for Science & Agriculture was developed to support educators in their implementation of high quality and high impact science and agriculture instruction in order to meet the needs of today’s learners.  Science and Agriculture instruction has evolved to requiring students to collaborate with each other, think about sustainability, construct viable arguments, and solve problems with real-world solutions. Our entire team of science and agriculture consultants are currently in roles just like yours and understand the challenges schools face today in educating our learners.  We will work alongside you and your team to create a strong foundation of science and agriculture to ensure that all students are learning at high levels.

For more information on receiving support from the Learner FIRST Science & Agriculture Center, please contact Heidi Salm, Director at (heidi@firsteducation-us.com)

Services Available

From additional support  for leaders and classroom teachers, visit our resources page to access supports from the Learner FIRST Science and Agriculture Center.

  • Data Analysis and Goal Setting
  • School and/or District-Wide Science 7 Agriculture Plan Design
  • Institutes and Workshops
  • On-Site or Virtual Coaching
  • Curriculum Training and Support
  • Written Resources
  • FREE Resources
  • Flex Farm Sales and Curriculum Support

Our Team

Heidi Salm

Director of Learner FIRST Center for Science & Agriculture

Introducing the Flex Farm Generation 4

The Learner FIRST Center for Science with Face and Agriculture has partnered with Fork Farms, LLC to offer schools and districts an innovative and exciting approach to teaching agriculture education right in the classroom. Flex Farms produce more leafy vegetables and herbs for a fraction of the price. Every Flex Farm comes with a fully self-contained tank and irrigation system, an energy efficient LED light tower, submersible pump, Grower Toolkit and starter Supply Kit containing all the necessary growing supplies, including seeds. Once assembly is complete, simply add water and nutrients, plant your seedlings and watch the magic happen! FIRST Educational Resources has written an extensive curriculum to accompany the Flex Farm in schools that is cross curricular and directly related to Learning Outcomes and Standards.

  • Cost less than $1.50 per day to operate
  • Grows more than 20 lbs per grow cycle
  • Takes less than 1 hour per week to operate
  • 40% more energy efficient than other hydroponic competitors
  • Safe, simple and versatile
  • Made in the USA
  • Perfect the cafeterias,classrooms,commercial farms,corporate lobbies,homes and more!

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