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Dominique Smith

Chief of Educational Services and Teacher

Dominique Smith is the Chief of Educational Services and Teacher Relations at Health Sciences and Middle College (HSHMC) located in San Diego, CA. Dominique has helped transform HSHMC to become a restorative school with his efforts in building relationships with student and hearing student voice. His focuses on school wide mind shifts to restorative practices and school equity have taken him across the world to help schools make change. He has published books with authors Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey, “Better than Carrots and Sticks” and “Building Equity, Policies and Practices to Empower All Learners,” and “Engagement by Design”. In 2014 Dominique was the recipient of the National School Safety Advocacy Award. Dominique focuses on creating a well-rounded school climate to allow the growth of all students to become the best student they can be. He believes students have the right to feel like they have a future and can be successful no matter any situation.