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Jill Nottingham

Author Consultan

Author Consultant, Director of Networks & Product Development
Jill is co-founder and Director of Challenging Learning. She is also a consultant, author and editor.

Jill’s background is in teaching, leadership, and consultancy. Originally, she was a teacher and leader across the 3-12 age range in pre-schools and schools in some of the more socially-deprived areas of North East England. During that time, she championed the teaching of thinking skills and Philosophy for Children (P4C) with young children. This work led to her being appointed as a teaching and learning consultant for the award-winning N-RAIS project, a multi-million pound initiative to improve the achievements and aspirations of young people in Northumberland. Her work was also featured in a number of national and international publications, and she became a sought-after presenter at conferences worldwide.

Jill is a senior trainer for SAPERE, the charity that supports Philosophy for Children in the UK. She co-wrote their first training manual in the early 2000s and created many downloadable resources that still feature on www.p4c.com, the international resource and collaboration site for P4C.

She has trained with Edward de Bono at the University of Malta, and has studied for a master’s degree in Education with the University of Newcastle.

Jill now leads our pre-school and primary school provision. She is also the principal author of our products and resources, and co-author of Challenging Learning Through Feedback; Challenging Learning Through Dialogue; and Challenging Early Learning.